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Dentas is a complete tool for dental clinics and private practices to organize daily work electronically.

The best price

The best priced dental software
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    medical proffessionals are using Dentas
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Briefly about what we offer to Dentas users

  • Why Dentas?
  • Key features of Dentas
  • Compatibility and Integrations

These are the reasons why Dentas is the best dental software:

  • Easy to use even for a stranger
  • The best priced dental software
  • Free training and helpful customer support
  • Always in accordance with national requirements
  • Your database is hosted on our secure server
  • Thorough compliance with treatment data
  • Graphical dental card that can be filled only by entering data from the keyboard
  • Periodontal map
  • Orthodontic patient card
  • Oral and dental history
  • Patient information management
  • Payment behavior (invoices, receipts, debts and advances)
  • Reservations, reminders
  • Electronic questionnaires, e-mail exchange,
  • Work schedules at Dentas and also on a smartphone
  • Documentaries and studies
  • Digital prescription: prescription, prescription
  • Cover letter, reply letter reply
  • Proof
  • Order laboratory tests and view answers
  • Preparation of an automated treatment plan and budget and the possibility to monitor its implementation
  • Settlements with various means of payment (incl. Settlement with the Health Insurance Fund)
  • Communication with patients
  • Bulk postings and email notifications
  • SMS reminders of visits and automatic recall of patients
  • Satmin e-mail of medical documents (treatment plan, certificate, invoice, etc.) digitally signed and/or encrypted
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics
  • Accounting for the work of doctors, assistants, registrars (based on turnover and services provided)
  • Cash, card payments, transfers, debts, turnover, etc.
  • Warehouse: orders, delivery notes, inventory, warehouse entries, warehouse turnover, etc.
  • Statistics on the A-web and other patients
  • Health insurance
  • Digital recipe (send/view)
  • Incapacity for work certificate (sending)
  • HK invoices (shipping)
  • Prosthesis compensation request, sending compensation applications, making a condor
  • Automatic check of HK insurance and patient names.
  • E-Health
  • Dental cards (sending/viewing)
  • Other documents, delivery notes, laboratory response (sending / viewing)
  • Time-critical data (send / view)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs (compilation and transmission of statistics)
  • Image bank (viewing)
  • 20+ digital X-ray devices can be operated through Dentas
  • Creating health questionnaires (sending/viewing)
  • Online booking integrated into your clinic website
  • Send hours to your smartphone (Google Calendar)
  • Compatibility with bank terminals

Monthly Fee

We offer you software as a service. Dentas is a software rental service with a patient chair-based pricing model. The monthly rental price includes customer support and all updates.

* Monthly fee includes VAT

1 user = 35 € / month NB! Minimal monthly fee 70€ (includes licenses fo 2 users)

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