MediSpa - Estonia's most preferred spa software.

Estonia's first spa software.

Experience over 13 years.


A comprehensive software tool for spas or day spas. The main task of MediSpa is to provide better and faster customer service.
MediSpa covers the entire process from the customer's first contact to the aftermarket.

With more than 600 users, Medispa has been helping to manage business-critical processes in the most well-known Estonian spas for more than 13 years.

  • Why MediSpa?
  • Key features of MediSpa
  • Compatibility and Integrations
  • We believe that simplification is an endless process. More than 13 years of experience and daily cooperation with customers have made MediSpa a simple but most feature-rich spa software in Estonia.
  • MediSpa can immediately bundle procedures on a staff and room schedule. It takes into account the client’s time preferences, occupancy, various restrictions, working hours, sends a notification to the client, etc.
  • Working in groups allows you to set the first appointment time for many clients at once and send them by e-mail or print treatment/treatment cards.
  • On-line booking embedded in the website with advance payments reduces the workload at the spa and is a guarantee that the client will show up.
    Adjusting the competencies and facilities of the employees imperceptibly solves the situation if the user does not know which specialist is doing what or where any procedures can be performed.
  • Marketing tools: mass mailer, SMS notifications
    Thorough data exchange with TEHIK (formerly E-Health), Health Insurance Fund, Laboratories, Image Bank, Ministry of Social Affairs, and others.
    Interfaces with other market leaders: hotel software HotelLinx and checkout system CompuCashe
  • With us, you are always in compliance with national requirements. Your data is stored securely with us, regularly backed up and all data exchange is encrypted.
  • Online booking integrated into the spa page with the possibility of prepayment
  • Automatic placement of client procedure packages
  • Set group attendance and first appointment times and email or print group care cards.
    Schedules of staff and premises with working hours.
  • Send procedures added to work schedules to a personal calendar.
    Customer information management:
  • Visits, procedures/reservations, and history of cancellations
  • Customer statuses and discount rates
  • Payment behavior (invoices, receipts, arrears, and advances)
  • Electronic questionnaires and e-mail exchange,
    Communication with customers:
  • Bulk postings and email notifications
  • SMS reminders of reservations and other events (for example, birthday, etc.)
  • Customer import from HotelLinx software
  • Sending sales to CompuCash software
  • Settlements with various means of payment (incl. Settlement with the Health Insurance Fund)

Comprehensive reporting and statistics:

  • Calculation of the work of doctors, specialists (on the basis of turnover and services provided)
  • Cash, card payments, transfers, debts, turnover, etc.
  • Warehouse: orders, delivery notes, inventory, warehouse entries, warehouse turnover, etc.
  • Statistics on the A-web and other patients


  • Automatic inquiry for health insurance, family doctor, and pension status
  • Request for documents and time-critical data from TEHIK.
  • Digital prescription: prescription, prescription.
  • Forwarding a delivery note to TEHIK, reading the responses to the delivery note, and writing the responses to the delivery note.
  • Sending medical documents (treatment plan, certificate, invoice, etc.) by e-mail digitally signed and/or encrypted
  • Order laboratory tests and view answers from Medipost 2 and E-Labor.
  • Transmission of epicrises to TEHIK
  • Health insurance
  • Digital recipe (send/view)
  • Incapacity for work certificate (sending)
  • HK invoices (shipping)
  • Automatic check of HK insurance and patient names.
  • Documents for referrals, laboratory response (sending / viewing)
  • Time-critical data (send / view)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs (compilation and transmission of statistics)
  • Image bank (viewing)
  • Creating health questionnaires (sending/viewing)
  • Online booking embedded on the company’s website
  • Send business hours to your smartphone (Google Calendar)
  • Compatibility with bank terminals
  • Compatibility with HotelLinx hotel software
  • Compatibility with CompuCash cash register system

Monthly fee

We offer you software as a service. The monthly rental price includes customer support and all updates.

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