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eKliinik is a user-friendly and comprehensive tool for organizing the daily work of clinics and private practices electronically.
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Why eKliinik?

* The eKliinik dashboard can be customized according to user needs or professional requirements.
* Doctors can create a patient health information query package based on their needs. This allows data retrieval from various registries with just one click.
* eKliinik provides a comprehensive online booking tool available to clinics with various payment options. This allows easy integration of online bookings into the website, mass mailings, or anywhere else needed. Online bookings and prepayments can be tracked in real-time.
* All questionnaires, consent forms, or contracts can be managed internally and electronically within eKliinik. They can be sent for completion to, via email, or present to the patient on a clinic's tablet for completion. Additionally, automatically sent questionnaires can be enabled during patient appointment registration.
* Unlimited file storage: eKliinik integrates a secure, cloud-based, drag-and-drop file storage with unlimited capacity for storing patient medical images, documents, or any other files.
* eKliinik can automatically generate a DICOM message from medical images added to the file storage for sending them to Image Bank.
* The rights tree provides clinic representatives with flexible options for managing multi-layered role permissions.
* In addition to "conventional" notification methods (SMS and email), eKliinik integrates Mailer and SMSer for mass notifications, sending newsletters, callbacks, screenings, or any other necessary communications.
* eKliinik is certified as a cash register system for communication with payment terminals.
* Seamless integration of inventory management with automated orders from suppliers.
* Easy integration with the ÜDR (National Digital Registry) for centralized appointment scheduling.
* Furthermore, eKliinik incorporates several time-saving automations into the workflow.

However, we don't limit ourselves to functional development. The main reason eKliinik is preferred is its ease of use and time-saving in routine activities. Our top priority is user experience. During development, we closely collaborate with clients, following the principle of minimizing healthcare professionals' time spent on working with the software and enabling more time for patient care.

Our software meets national requirements and has undergone ISKE audit.

If desired, we can also migrate data from your current software.

  • Today, among the users of eKliinik, there are representatives from the following fields.
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Doctors Specialists










Laser therapy doctor


Spine surgeon







Maxillofacial surgeon





Internal medicine-thrombosis specialist


Occupational health doctor

Sleep specialist

Vascular surgeon

General practitioners and family doctors

Special education teacher


Home nurse


Speech therapist

Manual and physiotherapist





Addiction counselor


This list is not exhaustive. If you don’t find your profession in this list, please contact us.

  • Comprehensive completion of treatment data
  • Online bookings with the option for prepayment
  • Unlimited file storage
  • National Digital Registry (ÜDR)
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment waiting lists
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Management of patient information
    • Payment behavior (invoices, receipts, debts, and prepayments)
    • Bookings and reminders
    • Electronic questionnaires, email communication
  • Work schedules in eKliinik and additionally on smartphones
  • Documents and examinations
    • Digital prescription: medication prescription, medical aid prescription
    • Referral, response to referral
    • Certificate
    • Immunization certificate
    • Ordering and viewing results of analyses and examinations
  • Settlements with various payment methods (including billing with the Health Insurance Fund)
  • Communication with patients
    • Mass emailings and notifications
    • SMS reminders for appointments and automatic patient callbacks
    • Sending medical documents (certificates, invoices, etc.) via email with digital signature and/or encryption
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics
    • Accounting for the work of doctors, assistants, and registrars (based on turnover and services provided)
    • Cash register, card payments, transfers, debts, turnover, etc.
    • Warehouse: orders, delivery notes, inventory, stock entries, stock turnover, etc.
    • Statistics in the A-Web
  • Ordering laboratory tests through Medipost from Estonian laboratories
  •  Health Insurance Fund
    • Digital prescriptions (sending/viewing)
    • Sick leave certificates (sending)
    • Health Insurance Fund invoices (sending)
    • Automatic verification of Health Insurance Fund coverage and patient names
  • TEHIK (Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre)
    • Digital Registry (Digiregistratuur)
    • Laboratory referral (sending/viewing)
    • Referrals (sending/viewing)
    • Time-critical data (sending/viewing)
    • Other TEHIK documents (viewing)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs (compiling and sending statistics)
  • Image bank (viewing)
  • Creating health questionnaires (sending/viewing)
  • Integration of online booking on your clinic’s website
  • Sending work schedules to smartphones (Google Calendar)
  • Compatibility with payment terminals

Monthly fee

We offer you software as a service. eKliinik is a software rental service based on a user-based pricing model. The monthly rental fee includes customer support and all updates.

1 user = 35 € / month (plus 20% VAT) NB! Minimum monthly fee 70€ (includes licenses for two users).

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