Medical software for health centers and specialists

eKliinik is a user-friendly and complete tool for clinics and private practices to organize daily work electronically.
  • 320+
    doctors are using eKliinik
  • 230+
    Medical Proffessionals are using eKliinik
  • 70+
    Health Centers are using eKliinik

Why eKliinik?

- Our highest priority is user comfort. We work on a daily basis to make the software easier to use. We automate the routine activities of software users and reduce mouse clicks.
- Free initial training and helpful customer support.
- Always in accordance with national requirements.
- We are transferring data from your old software.

  • Today, amoung the users of eKliinik include representatives of the following areas:
  • Key features of eKliinik
  • Compatibility and Integrations


Doctors Specialists

Occupational health worker
Oral, facial, and maxillofacial surgeon
Family physician

Home nurse
Speech therapists
The list is not exhaustive. If you do not find your specialty in this list,
 please contact us.
  • Thorough compliance with treatment data
  • Patient information management
  • Payment behavior (invoices, receipts, arrears, and advances)
  • Reservations, reminders
  • Electronic questionnaires, e-mail exchange
  • Work schedules in eKliinik and also on a smartphone
  • Documents and studies
  • Digital prescription: prescription, prescription
  • Cover letter, reply letter reply
  • ProofOrder laboratory tests and view answers
  • Settlements with various means of payment 
(incl. Settlement with the Health Insurance Fund)

  • Communication with patients
  • Bulk postings and email notifications
  • SMS reminders of visits and automatic recall of patients
  • Sending medical documents (certificate, invoice, etc.) by e-mail digitally signed and/or encrypted
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics
  • Accounting for the work of doctors, assistants, registrars (based on turnover and services provided)
  • Cash, card payments, transfers, debts, turnover, etc.
  • Warehouse: orders, delivery notes, inventory, warehouse entries, warehouse turnover, etc.
    A-web statistics
  • Health insurance
  • Digital recipe (send / view)
  • Incapacity for work certificate (sending)
  • HK invoices (sending)
  • Automatic check of HK insurance and patient names.
  • Laboratory referral (sending / viewing)
  • Cover letters (send/view)
  • Time-critical data (send / view)
  • Other TEHIK documents (view)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs (compilation and transmission of statistics)
  • Image bank (viewing)
  • Creating health questionnaires (sending/viewing)
  • Online booking integrated into your clinic website
  • Send business hours to your smartphone (Google Calendar)
  • Compatibility with bank terminals

Monthly fee

We offer you software as a service. eKliinik is a software rental service with a price model based on the employees performing the reception. The monthly rental price includes customer support and all updates.

1 user = 25 € / month (20% VAT is added) NB! Minimum monthly fee 50 € (includes two user license)


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